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For many years Steve has been promoting fitness throughout the world through martial arts, qigong, mobility training, flexibility, Kettlebell, and through IKFF training courses. Named by Men's Health magazine as one of the 100 most "fit" men of all time, he has worked with children, the elderly, the best athletes in the world and everything in between these categories.

While he became an icon in the world of physical fitness through his impressive physical performances as seen in the Youtube world, he continued to love simply teaching and sharing his unique experience to promote health, happiness and longevity through fitness .
PRE-CONVENTION :: The Workshop can be enrolled regardless of the participation in the two days of the Symnposium

CMS Certified Movement Specialist - Friday 31 May 09.00 - 13.00

Mastering Bodyweight training is fundamental to physical development and has an important place in every trainer’s arsenal. Bodyweight conditioning provides the foundation for almost every other type of physical activity.
Certified Movement Specialist - CMS is the IKFF foundational course for bodyweight training with the use of minimal or no equipment beyond your own bodyweight.

CMS arms the fitness professional with a deeper philosophy of movement art and how to seamlessly integrate the Body, Breath and Mind into your personal and professional fitness training.
In the broad landscape of movement, movement arts and movement training one can only scrape the surface of physical transformation in a day, a week or even a year. While a “fat-loss” program can bring short-term results, there is different criteria for the aim of improved movement skill.

CMS introduces principles of movement that are timeless and will continue to inform your quality of movement practice throughout your lifetime journey.
A guiding principle of CMS is that the Mind Directs and the body obeys
CMS teaches intentional movement practice via the harmonization of the 3 Universals_


All movements selected for CMS curriculum offers a purpose beyond to “get in shape” or “workout”. For a fitness professional, it takes no special training to make a client tired. It does take understanding of the Mind-Body-Breath to create truly integrative physical training programs, that considers the health and well-being of your clients as much as their physical fitness. CMS exists to fulfill this purpose for fitness professionals by providing the conceptual framework, along with high-value physical training techniques for developing truly holistic mind-body fitness programs for the fitness communities.

Elements of CMS:
-Deep breathing as the foundation of performance and all practice
-Integration of mind, movement and breathing
-All movement is intentional
-Balance training and progressions to alert and prime the body for athletic activity
-Center of Mass over Base of Support
-Head over Foot as fundamental cue for athletic balance
-Mobility and joint-specific warmups for pain-free exercise
-How to develop a strong, flexible Lower-body for rock-solid foundation
-Animal play integrating balance, power and fluidity
-Dynamic movements for power generation
-Partner drills to develop awareness and timing
-What is Flexibility and why it is key to restoration and life-long vitality
-Tumbling to increase spatial awareness and body control
-Impact training to teach bracing and protection against oncoming forces
-The IKFF Standard for Excellence

What makes CMS so unique among Bodyweight courses?
A unique feature of the CMS is that for every movement, the application of the movement is taught alongside the movement. Movements have a story, a history. While each individual over time has the objective of “owning” the movements, the history of the movement through the eyes of those who came before us provides a deeper relationship with the study.

At their essence, all physical training has at its core the most basic survival needs; Fight and Flight. Although our modern existence is so drastically different than that of our tribal predecessors, the skillful development of these base physical survival attributes is more relevant than ever. How do you want to stand physically in the pace of our fast-evolving planet? Skillfully and Powerfully
CMS explores our most crucial survival instincts from a movement and conditioning point of view through the study of core movement skills that provide versatile carry-over to everyday functions.
Fitness education has evolved dramatically over the last 2 decades yet there are still many aspects of mind-body fitness that are not yet widely understand. It is into this void that CMS steps, to arm the fitness professional with the deep knowledge necessary to internalize his and her training practice.

Various elements of human locomotion are addressed in this course:
Squatting, Standing, Balancing, Rolling, Skipping, Shuffling. Switching, Crossing, Lunging, Weaving. Stepping, Placing, Replacing, Subtracting, Sweeping, Jumping, Kicking, Accelerating, Decelerating. Sliding, Gliding

The IKFF Standard for Excellence
Attending an IKFF certification course is not enough to earn certification. The student must also demonstrate technical competence to earn a prestigious IKFF certification. CMS students must past the technical assessment with consistent form to receive CMS certification

CMS Assessment:
Pushups: Men 35  Women 10
Horse Stance: Men 1 min  Women 1 min (thighs parallel)
Pull-ups: Men 12 strict  Women 1 strict
Abs: Seated Knees to Chest: Men 30   Women 30
Trunk Hyperextension (partner hold): Men 20  Women 20
Jumping Burpees: Men 30  Women 15
Pistols: Men 1 strict rep per leg  Women 1 strict rep per leg
Jump over Stick at Knee Level: Men 30 jumps in 1 minute  Women 20 reps in 1 minute
*Participants are graded on control; uncontrolled repetitions will be registered as “no count”



Martial Arts Fitness- Saturday 1st June 10.00am - 11.15am

Steve Cotter and Antonio Saccinto lead you through body conditioning exercises based on martial arts.
Strong and mobile hips are the foundation for martial arts and all athletics and in this class you will gain many fun and effective techniques to add an elements of martial arts fitness to your training routines

FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero - P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
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Privacy Policy
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FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero -  P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
FUNZIONE IN AZIONEAssociazione Culturale Sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero
P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero -  P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero -  P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
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