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1. Talent.
The speakers of FiA are incredibly stimulating. They help to refuel and motivate, allowing us as instructors and personal trainers to continue doing what we do best, sharing our passion for exercise and wellness. These talented professionals allow us to dream, believe and understand that we too could be a leader and trendsetter in the fitness industry.

2. Sessions.
The ability to choose and build their own training path during the two days of the Symposium, among so many great sessions of a unique value to the event; means spending two days learning, listening and / or sweating, but above all sharing! FiA is a super partes meeting and meeting point between professionals and high-level schools, all together with energy, passion, seriousness but also many smiles.
3. The city.
Being in Rimini at the beginning of summer is a reason in itself for participating FiA2019! Even more thinking that the event is located inside the Rimini Wellness fair (whose entrance ticket is included in the Symposium registration) and then at the end of the sessions you can spend some time to visit the stands of the many companies present to exhibit their products and services. And then, what about the wonder of starting the day breathing the sea air? to finish it by choosing between the endless choice of clubs and restaurants to sit down to eat and drink, dance and meet old friends and new people? So Cool!!

4. The bond
Whether you are sitting listening to a session, moving practicing it, standing in line to have a drink during breaks, in front of the school desks taking part in the event with their speakers or recovering in the relaxation area, wherever you go in the Symposium area, you are surrounded by the extraordinary energy of people who share in common love and passion for what they do as a Personal Trainer and Coach, believing first and foremost in the value of continuous research and quality training.

5. Inspiration.
During the Symposium, or when returning home, part of the pleasure is to remember the sessions you just attended and all the great moments of sharing and connection with the people you met in the various workshops, lectures and break times. Chat with speakers, colleagues from different parts of the world, organize for dinner with new friends after a full day of study, commitment but also fun, shopping at the fair, etc. These are just some of the memories you will treasure for a long time.
6. The mentality, the values.
FiA is known for promoting the concept of sharing and cooperation, making its being a super partes one of the main values, a free Symposium to invite the best that the market offers without the typical conditioning of an event created by a single focused training school to propose and sell only its courses. This is why we believe that your audience represents the best in fitness, the beautiful one, made of values, commitment and dedication.

7. Leadership
FiA is the undisputed leader at the national level and one on the International level for the meeting of schools and trainers of different backgrounds, all of the highest quality, since 2014. If you want to be part of an event in continuous evolution and development, and listen to international speakers all translated into simultaneous in Italian too, FiA is the right place!

8. Trends.
FiA is the best place to get to know the upcoming innovations in training, Personal and small group training. Furthermore, it allows us to discover trends that are not "mainstream", introduced by many speakers who in Italy have not yet got to be known and followed. Thus offering the participants a competitive advantage thanks to the possibility of undertaking before the other training courses on programs that will soon become widespread.

9. Time.
The time spent in this type of setting is very special. Over the weekend, time flies and, at the same time, is stopped because it appreciates and lives every moment. Get up early, attend classes, socialize, have a quick bite, follow more seminars, have coffee, visit the fair, go out for Happy Hour, dine out, and then enjoy the nightlife of Rimini. A condensation of moments and positive experiences to take with you and keep dear.

10. The organization
One of the main characteristics that an event must have, even before the quality of the contents, is a good organization. And it is precisely an impeccable organizational quality that has always been one of FiA's flagships. Everything is designed to offer an experience of the highest level, from the moment of the selection of sessions through the online service, to the customer service to give information and support, to everything related to the timeliness of the lessons and compliance of the spaces in relation to what they offer.
FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero - P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
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FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero -  P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
FUNZIONE IN AZIONEAssociazione Culturale Sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero
P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero -  P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
FUNZIONE IN AZIONE Associazione culturale sportiva dilettantistica e del Tempo libero -  P.IVA: 12030390012 C.F.: 97841850015
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